Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, Honey

I always preferred a Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich over PB&J.
My uncle's family started Miller's Honey.  When I was little, my aunt would mail my mom a tub of Whipped Cinnamon Honey, sometimes even the stuff with a bit of the comb still in it.

I've never been afraid of bees, and I suppose their stings don't affect me as much as the average Jill.

Honeycomb screenprint by amazing artist, Cecily Sakrison
I think this all set me up for a love of bees.  A few years ago when I learned about the severity of hive collapse I called my cousin to see how easy it would be to raise a hive.  We decided it was more work than I could afford, but the dream is still there.  Maybe one day I'll get to raise some, and then I'll surely be consulting this great resource (with a lovely cover design...yes, I judge a book by its cover sometimes).

And how about this sister title on Canning and Preserving...that's a one day endeavor too.

For now, I'll have to settle for a bee hotel like this one and try to passively help the bee population in my neighborhood.  Before I do this, I'll have to take our neighbors into account, as we don't have much property, and I don't want to put anyone with allergies or real aversions at risk.


A Lady's Life said...

I planted a tree and then the people walking their dogs began to pee on it. So I built a square made out of wood and filled it with more soil so the dogs would pee on that instead of the tree.
It worked except that somewasps found a hole in the wood and made their nest there
The place was surrounded by wasps and whenever you went to get in and out of the car they would be flying around you and sometime even trying to take a nip at you.
So we tried to kill them and water them out of their hives. It was soo difficult to get rid of them.
I would much rather have bees than wasps and also thought about a behive but it would have to be somewhere in a farmers field full of clover.

carla thorup said...

have you seen Pushing Daisies? (a tv show that was sadly cancelled) because if you like honey or bees, you'd appreciate that show.

and what a thoughtful neighbor you are!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

my dad is a bee keeper :) so this post made me happy!