Monday, March 14, 2011

More Mailbox Love

I received the most wonderful thing in the mail this weekend.  It was from my sweet cousin, who not only has a heart as big as a river is wide, but who also has an eye for design anyone would envy.  When she puts the two together, this is what happens, and when I am the recipient I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I must share it with all of you.

You may recognize the honeycomb screen print from here.  I'm drooling!  I can't believe I own this!  In it was wrapped the most rapturously delicious tea from Townshend's Tea in Portland.  I even let a friend take a whiff of my Rooibos Cinnnamon Spice at craft night this weekend and she immediately went home and ordered seven (7!!) different blends of chai tea for only $2.50 each.

Antique Bee Pin also from Cecily last year.  I love her thoughtful heart.

I opened every tiny gift as if it were Christmas, savoring each item...I even took it back into a corner of my bedroom to unwrap just so I could do it as slowly as I wanted.  An eclectic group of little tags and bakers twine greeted me cheerily, as did the delightfully simple necklace that was attached to the ribbon.  Of course I put it on right away and haven't taken it off.

For the loose leaf tea, she was thoughtful enough to include a precious little ceramic cup with an infuser tucked inside, and let me be honest, I'm drinking it again right now.

Honey Dipper and hand thrown honey jar from Arts Fair in SLC, sent by my parents several years ago.
This is a wonderful way to start off a week.  I am blessed beyond words.  We have remarked to each other many times how lucky we are to have such a bond as cousins.  We thought it was normal. 

So, I'm interested, who in your life do you feel blessed to be bonded to, cousin or otherwise?


A Lady's Life said...

This is very exciting to be able to receive and open such treasures. And there is nothing else but to call them treasures because they are so pleasing to the eye and thoughful ness just oozes from it.
I am happy for you and your cousin.:)

cee + kell said...

hey there, sweetness. so glad you enjoyed the mail box love.

love you so much. xoxo

Phoenix said...

It's funny, my (male) cousin is also one of my best friends. I joke that he's the brother I actually get along with, as we are only four months apart as well. He and I have been close for as long as I could remember - and I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life!

And your cousin is so thoughtful to send you such a cute little package of love!