Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have a memory of being around 7 or 8 and lying on our brown, high pile carpet in West Palm Beach, Florida. Next to me was my older brother, and over us was our Mom's zigzag crochet blanket, just wide enough and long enough for 2 snuggled kids.  All twenty of our toes had found adjacent holes to poke through, just like piglets lined up for dinner.

I asked my mom why the brown and orange striped blanket had holes in it (that seemed like the opposite thing to have in a blanket) and she told me that it was an afghan; she had crocheted it years before, and it was all made from just one strand of yarn!  Maybe she'd teach me someday, she said.

On a winter trip home around 10 years ago, Mom taught me.  I made all kinds of wonky scarves for friends that year, but I was hooked.  Thanks goodness for gracious friends.  Luckily, things have gotten a bit straighter.

I love these things that tie us to our families, things that make us like our mothers.  I found my inspiration for our new nursery and the first thing I thought to make for it, and the little one that will someday fill it, was a zigzag afghan, just like the one my mom made so many years ago.

So as the rain pattered our skylight this weekend and I nursed an 8-mile-run racked calf muscle,  I sunk into the couch, tucked up my toes underneath me (just the way Mom does) and started in.  I can't wait until it all comes together, and I promise I'll share with you then too.

Do you remember having one of these afghans in your home when you were young?  What do you have that ties you to your family?


A Lady's Life said...

My Mom never did craft things. She never liked the mess and I guess it was because of her I loved craft work and my house is a mess because with kids I had projects scattered all over as well as my own things which I did to keep my mind busy.
My first huge blanket was done in the hospital nursing my Mom because they refused to due to lack of staff and because she needed someone to watch her or be kept tied up all day.
So I stayed from 8 am to 8 pm every day till they let her out.
During that time I made two wool king sized blankets and my obsession began lol Today I have so much stuff and use them on special occasions.:)

bicocacolors said...

so beautiful!!
have a nice weekend!,

Scarlett said...

My grandma made several afgans. My mom still has some and it brings back so many memories of my grandma. Love it!

On a side note. Congrats on adopting! I really want to talk to you about how you came to that decision instead of doing fertility treatments. It's nice to talk to someone who understands what you're going through.

Phoenix said...

My grandmother made each of us an afghan when we were born and it was the warmest, softest, cuddliest blanket! I had an orange and brown one (very late 70's) and it disappeared, or was given away, when I got older, but I do miss it so much when it's cold out.

julie king said...

yes, this brings back memories. in fact, my mom still has one of these zig zag afghans. your colors are just beautiful!