Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Defensive Lineman Seeks Weightlifting Class

As the weather has been warming up, it's been so wonderful to be outside more and more.  One of our favorite things to do is put our little 9 pound shih tzu, Lilly, in my bike basket and take her on rides around the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the warmer days means that if I'm going to go out for a long run (I'm slow, so it takes a while), then I have to start earlier in the morning.  I'm not much of an athlete, so running suits me fine.  The only other sports I've done was sit idly in right field on a few softball teams, a brief stint in kickball in Portland last summer, and play intramural football in college at Biola University.

I found these photos (which were from the pre-digital era) and I thought I'd share some of those powderpuff football days.  They were anything but powderpuff, or atleast that's what we'd like to think.  There were quite often broken bones and countless bruises.  It was NOT just fun and games.


Our team (which, by the way, I will not tell you our one but us knew what NPA stood for) did pretty well the two years I played, and one year, for playoffs, one of the dads donated pads and cleats.  We were pretty stoked.  Until after the first game, the refs brought out the intramural playbook and told us that while we didn't have to forfeit our first win, we couldn't wear the gear anymore.  That was a real bummer for the dad who bought them, since now everything was used and he couldn't return it.

I like to brag that my dad was a football player in college, my older brother did in high school, and I can proudly say that I too joined the ranks of familial ballers.  Don't I look tough, by the way?  Apparently I believed that if I just bent my elbow I would grow a muscle.  I think I'll stick to running...slowly.


Phoenix said...

See, here's the thing - I AM athletic, and I HATE running. How do you do it? I suck at it so much...

Now I've all the possible meanings of NPA stuck in my head, too. Hah!

A Lady's Life said...

I guess anything you do is better than nothing.
It all helps. Dancing, running,even knitting.
I find my arms muscles work a lot pushing at those two sticks. lol
Sucks about the Dad who got the gear though. You'd think it would be allowed in football. I always told my kids to watch their legs cause they only have two. lol

Jen Jacobs said...

These are awesome! I remember the days….