Friday, April 15, 2011

Plan: Soak It All In

It's Easter Break starts this weekend!  Oh, there have been so many mornings lately when I wished I was sleeping in instead of getting up before the sun.  So this week I fully intend on taking advantage of the fact that I live at a fantastic Spring Break location of my very own.

I plan on:

1. House-sitting for the In-Laws (on the lake)
2. Swimming in said lake
3. Sunbathing next to that lake, in the back yard, and at the beach
4. Catching up on grading (ugh)
5. Finishing reading Water for Elephants (at the lake or the beach)
6. Working on my crocheted afghan
7. Painting the NURSERY!

Necklace from Louloudo

What are you going to do this Easter?  Any egg hunts?  Egg dyeing (What's your favorite, by the way)? Cadbury Cream Egg eating?  Happy Friday.


The Soul Anchor said...

I discovered your blog via The Blair Affairs, and I'm so excited to start following it! You'll have to tell us how "Water for Elephants" is. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my list!

A Lady's Life said...

I am going to try baking Easter Bread. See if it turns out.
I am not much of a cook because I rather do other things and there just are not enough hours in a day to do it all lol

Phoenix said...

I will be consuming unhealthy amounts of Cadbury Creme Eggs, thank you very much. :)

I hope you have a lovely holiday!

carla thorup said...

i wish the word lake was on my list, but it'd prbly be too cold anyway.

happy easter!

Cat said...

Love the "swim in said lake" and sunbath by said lake"...these are very important Summer break activities for sure!

Hope you are having nice weather :)

xx Cat brideblu

Carissa said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend!! especially all that time by the lake. enjoy every second! and happy easter!

Scarlett said...

Three Easter egg hunts today! So fun!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am anxious to hear more about your adoption process. :)

Louise said...

The necklace looks wonderful, I know I'm a bit late but hope you had a lovely easter!