Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!

Bet you never had sushi like this before!
These were made from Rice Krispy Treats, dried fruit, Mike and Ikes, and Fruit by the Foot. Bon Appetite!
Here's the husband with a hankie-'stache (in lieu of his regular one...'stache, that is). I've seen these all over Etsy, and instead of buying one, I thought I could make one for free!
And I sent off my package for Dionne's first annual Springtime Swap! Hope you love it, Stacey! I can't tell you what's inside, in case she might be reading, so I'll let her do that when she gets it.


Dionne said...

LoL, love the hankie, tehehehe.

Hooray for the swap. I just got back from the post office, mailing mine out. I can't wait to see what everyone gives/gets!

Dionne said...

You're right! I DO love the added pics. That 'sushi' is awesome! I want to try that!

Dot said...
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Dot said...

Love your sushi! So glad mine inspired you! and welcome to MSCE April..

Do go leave a comment on the sushi post with a link to yours :)


jen jacobs said...

Love seeing Mr Jon's face! HI JON!

donna said...

Nice work on the murals! I love your new pic! It makes me miss soCal.

Dot said...

oh, i forgot to mention.. I've added you to the list here:
Do stop by and check out some of your fellow participants, too!


A Lady's Life said...

how original.
I should try making sushi like this?

Bethany said...

this is so cute! I want your sushi! :D